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Harper, Lee: To kill a mockingbird
[ publié : 18/10/2022 ]

This masterpiece of American literature tells the story of Scout and Jem Finch, growing up in a small Alabama town, witnessing, among many injustices, the trial of Tom Robinson – an Afro-American man accused of a hideaous crime that never happened.

This story is famous for specifically shining a light on racism in the Deep South of the United States, but it generally also touches upon many social and political issues. And it does so through the eyes of an innocent child – a child who learns to put her self in someone else’s shoes, a child who doesn’t understand why grown ups can be so irrational and injust at times.

This graphic novel version is a fantastic rendition of the story with beautiful artwork that helps to convey the cultural and historical context of the book.


GENRE: Graphic novel (BD)
AUTEUR(S): Lee Harper
EDITEUR: William Heinemann
PAGES: 272 p.

 COTE: 82-3 Har T

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 To kill a Mockingbird