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Gradual reopening of the Cité Bibliothèque


As of May 19th the access to the Cité Bibliothèque is possible again.


In the first phase of the reopening some changes are required:


• Wearing a protective mask is mandatory

• A maximum of 5 users may stay in the library at the same time

• Only access to the ground floor is permitted (the newspaper department, the study rooms and the two basement floors are not accessible)

• Returned documents are stored by users in specially provided boxes

• To borrow new documents, users are asked to reserve the desired documents via the collaborative catalogue or to contact the library staff. Here you find some useful information about the catalogue: Informations abrégées sur le catalogue

• The opening hours are from Tuesday to Saturday: 10.00-17.30

• Online registration (via Luxtrust) is possible


We would also like to draw your attention to our new, free online offer: More than 770 free online audiobooks on various topics in 3 languages (German, French and English)