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Internal rules

Internal rules of the Cité Bibliothèque


The following text is a free translation from French into English of the

„Règlement concernant la bibliothèque municipale du 1er août 2020“.

The French text is legally effective!


Article 1

The municipal administration of Luxembourg through the department of the Cité Bibliothèque, referred to as the Library, offers a public service intended for the entire population. The Library has the mission to provide collections for the public for home loans and on-site consultation.


The Cite Bibliothèque is a member of the Luxembourgish library network ( managed by the National Library of Luxembourg). The library network members:


-share a collective drive file centralizing the registration data of the users of the member-libraries who have agreed on the registration (see article 15 below relating to the protection of personal data)


-take advantage of a common collective catalogue (containing the print and digital collections of the member libraries) and accessible via the search engine “” and the website


The Library also offers a free Internet access and Internet access stations.


The Library collections are intended for information purposes, education, cultural enhancement and leisure. The Library includes a section for children and a section for adults. The section for children is more specifically designed for those under the age of 14.


Article 2

Access to the Library and on-site use of documents, as well as the lending must fulfill the following terms and conditions.


Every user who does not respect the present rules may be expelled from the Library by the supervisor or his representative. In case of recurrence, the College of Alderman may prohibit the access to the Library for a maximum of one year and withdraw the user’s library card.


Article 3

The opening hours of the Library are governed by College of Alderman and are duly displayed at the entrance to the building.


Users must not disturb the peace of other persons present.


The use of a coarse language or inappropriate behavior are strictly forbidden.


Library users must have a sufficient level of personal hygiene so that they do not inconvenience other users.

The following is particularly prohibited:


• smoking,


• consuming alcohol,


• consuming non-alcoholic beverages and food, except on level 0,


• speaking loudly,


• talking on the phone.


Users are also prohibited from entering the Library under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Animals are not authorized in the Library, with the exception of guide dogs for disabled persons.


Article 4

Home loans are only available for people registered as users and residing in Luxembourg or the Greater Region.


Registration is free.


To register the user has to complete and sign a registration form indicating his name (*), first name (*), nationality, birthday (*), profession, address (*), phone number and email(*). The information on the registration form with an asterisk are mandatory. The user must prove the accuracy of this data by showing the library staff a valid ID card or another official document. If the registration form is not completely filled out, the Library cannot deliver a user card.


Any change in address must be notified immediately to the library staff. The registration is valid for 5 years. The registration is attested by a user card. This card is strictly personal, it bears the user’s full name, a card number as well as a bar code.


For children under the age of 14, the registration form must be countersigned by the person who has parental authority for them. The full name and address of this person must be provided. In case of joined parental authority, with the signature of one of the parents of the minor person, the other parent is presumed to have agreed on the registration of the child at the library. By countersigning this person is liable of any damage caused by the person under their charge and is also responsible for returning the loaned documents within the set time frames and for the choice of the documents. The responsibility of the library supervisor, the Library or the Municipal Administration of Luxembourg cannot be incurred.


The user card must be presented for all loans as well as the use of the internet access terminals.


If the user loses his library card or in case of burglary, the user must immediately communicate the loss to the library staff.


Article 5

Displaying notices in areas open to the public is subject to the authorization of the library staff. This is done on the notice boards provided for this purpose.



It is prohibited to introduce any dangerous or bulky items like suitcases and bags exceeding the dimensions (40 x 55 x 20 cm) into the Library.


Other objects like school bags, umbrellas, backpacks and other similar items must be stored in the lockers.


Under no circumstance shall the City be held liable in case of loss, theft or damage to personal property not placed in the lockers.


Any items found in the Library or in the lockers and that are not claimed within two weeks will be forwarded to the Grand Ducal Police’s lost property service.


Article 7

Users are responsible for the documents they consult or borrow. They must also take care of the library material and equipment.


When using the library it is prohibited:


• writing, drawing or making any mark whatsoever on the documents,


• ripping out, tearing, cutting out, folding or turning down the corners of the pages,


• consuming food, beverages or any other substance which is likely to soil the documents,


• damaging in any way the material and equipment made available by the City of Luxembourg.


It is prohibited to repair documents on one’s own authority. Every repair and maintenance is done by the library staff or by third parties on behalf of the library. The repair, the maintenance or the new acquisition may be brought on the user’s account. The library may suspend the user from loan until the caused charges are payed.


All documents must be returned to their original place after use.


Documents taken home may not under any circumstance be loaned to third parties.


Article 8

Printed documents can be taken out on loan for a maximum of 1 month, renewable once for the same period via the union catalog, in written form or phone request for the same period. The library may refuse the renewal of the loan if the document is requested by another user. The maximum number of printed documents that can be borrowed is limited to 4.


Some documents cannot be borrowed, in particular:


• the dictionaries and encyclopedia,


• the latest edition of periodicals,


• some rare or out-of-print documents, marked as such by the library


Article 9

Audiovisual documents can be taken out on loan, limited to a maximum of 2 documents, for one week, renewable once for the same period.

Audio books can be taken out on loan, limited to a maximum of 2 documents, for one month, renewable once for the same period.

Language learning methods can be taken out on loan, limited to a maximum of 2 documents, for one month, renewable once for the same period.

Loan extensions can be requested via the union catalog, in written form or by phone. The Library can decline the request if the document is already ordered by another user.

The user may also download electronic documents via the online catalog.


Article 10

The loan periods as indicated in articles 8 and 9 must be strictly adhered to.

In case of late returns, for every day that the borrowed item is returned late, the library user will be suspended from borrowing items for an equivalent number of days to the maximum extension of suspension for one year. If the user has not returned the borrowed items at the end of this period, the library will ask him to pay the price of the documents in question.


Article 11

The use of internet access terminals is prohibited to young users under the age of 12.


The use of internet access terminals is limited to one hour (in one continuous session) per person a day in order to ensure everyone has access to them.


The Library reserves the right to limit the use of the internet to sites fulfilling the objectives of a public library and the purposes of scientific research.


Changing the configuration of the internet access terminals, whether directly or indirectly, particularly by the installation of downloaded software is strictly prohibited.


Downloading content onto the hard drive of these terminals from media such as CD-ROM’s, DVD’s, memory sticks and related media brought into the Library is strictly prohibited.


User of the internet access terminals are liable for any legal action brought against them by a third party in relation to this use and any other service accessible from the library network.

Article 12

The reproduction and use of documents are subject to compliance with the legislation in force, in particular the legislation on copyrights. Under no circumstance may the City of Luxembourg be held liable for use infringing this legislation.


Article 13

The Library offers users a photocopying service for private needs. This photocopying is carried out by the library staff.


The photocopying rate is fixed in the relevant rules.


Article 14

Without prejudice to heavier penalties provided by the law, infringements of these regulations are punishable by a police penalty.


Article 15

Information about the general data protection and the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation GDPR).


The personal data collected by the Library at the registration of the users (name, first name, nationality, address etc.) is used exclusively for the purposes of:


• Registration with the Cité Bibliothèque and update the account details


• Reservation of items for home loans or on-site consultation or reproduction of documents


• Contacting the user regarding his reservations and reminders


• Using IT services provided by the library


• Accessing and consulting digital resources offered by the library


• Preparing anonymous statistics to improve the services offered by the library


• The management by the library of the user’s requests regarding his right to access and rectify his personal data, his right to oppose the processing of his personal data or requests relating other rights pertaining to his personal data. Upon signing the registration form during registration, the user’s data is recorded, with his consent, in the member database shared by all Luxembourg libraries belonging to the network (defined in article 1 of the present regulation).


The member libraries of the network have committed themselves by convention with the National Library of Luxembourg to respect the provisions of general data protection regulation (GDPR). In accordance with the law of June 25th 2004 about the reorganization of state cultural institutes, the National Library acts as coordinator of the national network of the Luxembourgish libraries.


The municipal administration of Luxembourg – as well as the director of the National Library – under the authority of the minister of Culture – together with the other libraries of the network, are responsible for the respect of the provisions of the GDPR.


The data processing is necessary for the performance of a public interest mission by the library.


If not extended, the registration is valid for a period of 5 years. The personal data of the users are registered for the same time in the collective file of users of the national network of libraries ( The registration forms are stored by the library for the completion of the digital registration, the search or verification of information during the same period.


24 months after the registration expires, the user’s personal data will be automatically erased. The user’s loan history will be retained in an anonymized format to enable the library to perform statistical analyses. The library retains the right to retain the data beyond the 24-month retention period until the user has resolved any issues (outstanding loans, etc.).


In accordance with GDPR provisions the user of the library has the right to access and rectify his personal data at any time. The user also has the possibility to access and rectify certain personal data himself on his account on the website or at the reception of the library.


Users may withdraw their consent to the storage of their data in the central database at any time. They moreover have the right to oppose the processing of their personal data or to request the deletion of their personal data, the limitation of its processing, or portability.


In certain cases provided for in the GDPR, the Library may object to these rights. Opposition to the processing, withdrawal of consent to processing and the request for deletion or limitation of personal data results in the loss of access to the Library’s loans, IT and electronic services. The user must then return his user card to the Library.


To request any information or to exercise any of the rights provided for in the GDPR, the user may contact:


Municipal Administration of Luxembourg

42, Place Guillaume II

L-1648 Luxembourg

or email:


As well as:


Délégué à la protection des données (data protection officer)

42, Place Guillaume II

L-1648 Luxembourg

or email:


The user is also informed that he or she has the right to file a complaint with the Commission nationale de la protection des données (15, boulevard du Jazz L-4370 Belvaux).


Article 16

The present regulations come into force on August 1st 2020.


These regulations repeal and replace those of December 14th 2015.